Thursday, March 8, 2012

Five questions for... Terry Ziervogel

Terry Ziervogel runs the Concrete Junkyard blog

Acceleration - What kind of signals do you see for March/April/May?
Signals? I'm not sure. I try to stay out of the guessing or predicting game. However as already seen in 2012 with the Transit of Venus taking place in June, is mass mother goddess symbolism located in Superbowl 46 with Madonna and the death of Whitney Houston, and the next "known" event is the Diamond Jubilee with Queen Elizabeth in June.

Also the Transit of Venus and the Diamond Jubilee celebration coincide on the calender with the celebration being from June 2-5th and the Transit occurring from the 5th to 6th. I would actually like to see the mathematical odds on this these two occurrences happening on the same day.

Acceleration - Here at Acceleration, I have been seeing many ship sinking/flood signals directed straight at the Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee. Have you noticed this also or if not, what signals have you been seeing for the Diamond Jubilee?

I haven't personally seen any connections to ships/sinking/or floods and the Diamond Jubilee. The Costa Concordia (Jan 13) and Allegra (Feb 27) (Reminding me of Jan 12 10 Haiti eq and Feb 27 10 Chile eq) however are very interesting especially happening 2012 in relation to the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic.

-Titanic - Giant (Nephilim)

- Concordia - Harmony (One World) - Noting the "Concordia" theme was used on the Feb 8, 2011 episode of V and the Concordia disaster happened on Jan 13, 2012. Just less then a month apart on the mirror. Anna uses her newest gift to mankind, Concordia, as a cover to hide an invading fleet of breeding "vessels" (ships) that will be used to ensure the perpetuation of Visitors for future generations.-Allegra - Happy, Self Confident

I really haven't looked into the issue enough to give a solid opinion on the matter, I'm more or less waiting for the Titanic anniversary to complete, for the picture to make itself more clear.

Acceleration - We all know the Olympics are going to be a big ritual of (probably) more than one kind.  Are there any specific signals you are seeing yet?

So far the only theme I've come across is Apotheosis (through the mascots). Which is the exaltation of one to divine status. Either by becoming one with God by sacrificing the individual ego during psychedelic ecstasy or co-opting the name or status of God in order to elevate the individual ego.

Acceleration - What do you think the overall theme of 2012 will be?

I think the overall theme of 2012 is Apotheosis and the King.

Very little is known about the god Bolon Yokte'. According to an article by Mayanists Markus Eberl and Christian Prager in British Anthropological Reports, his name is composed of the elements "nine", 'OK-te' (the meaning of which is unknown), and "god". He also appears in inscriptions from Palenque, Usumacinta, and La Mar as a god of war, conflict, and the underworld. In one stele he is portrayed with a rope tied around his neck, and in another with an incense bag, together signifying a sacrifice to end a cycle of years.

Based on observations of modern Mayan rituals, Gronemeyer and MacLeod claim that the stele refers to a celebration in which a person portraying Bolon Yokte' K'uh was wrapped in ceremonial garments and paraded around the site.
And as everything is going Prince William is being represented as "the shadow king" and thus the god of the underworld thus linking him to Bolon Yokte, and with William lined up as the "future king" all the symbolism is there, will 2012 actually be the year he is crowned and paraded around? only time will tell.

Acceleration - Tell us about your website.
My blog was started in 2007. One night i was searching Google videos for the all to searched topic of psychedelics and came across Jake Kotze's mushroom symbolism videos. then seeing there was a community around symbolism and synchronicity on blog-spot i decided i would start my own blog and contribute.

Initially I started the blog thinking I would post once a week and had no idea what it would turn into. I named it the Concrete Junkyard. Which relates the "The Stone that the Builders Rejected", as concrete is the stone of the 21st century which is now being rejected with the revelation of the true stone, the psychedelic mushroom.

Slowly the blog started to transform from singular events being examined into multi layered patterns that started to emerge over weeks, months and years.After 2 or so years then I renamed the blog the "Occult Mosaic", meaning the hidden pictured pattern, which related to the type of timelines and collages the blog started to produce.

Thank you!

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